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You will see tons of real organic visits in your Google Analytics from acquisitions/all traffic/channels by selecting as primary dimension the keywords you chose to improve.

The traffic is organic, REAL but no human,

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Are you thinking to purchase Google organic traffic?

We know till now it sounded like a crazy idea, but now you can buy traffic & visits to your website from Google organic search. Our traffic software generator is online panel and will help you climb ranking right from the keywords you need!

How can this real organic visits can improve my ranking?

The real visits to your website will appear on search engines like Google as real visit from queries, this kind of acquisition will make your website climb the Google SERP.Just choose the keywords you need to improve and get started.

Why we need this kind of visits?

Having a continuous traffic from your strategic keyword is crucial to stay high in the ranking: this kind of real organic visits form keywords is the best way to surf on the top results of google and gain credibility from search engine so they will give your url more frequently also for queries you do not expect.

Is it safe?

We tested and developed our system for years, and we had 100% safety feedback from every search engines, so no worries about it, the visit will come from google queries and will show up as real in your acquisition Analytics

How it Works?

Our services are bases on the creation of real web organic traffic, not human but REAL focused on queries and keywords search. The impact of this service can be viewed easily though Google Analytics and is the result of years of building strong traffic structures.

Plans and Pricing

Select the plans you think is better for your site. If you need more visits, please contact us, we can make a custom package for you.

Attention: visits need 24 hours to be shown in your analytics.

World Wide Organic Traffic


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TRY IT! if you don’t like it, after 5 days we will refund you

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

The service function perfectly, as a company we needed to increase the position in the SERP but had to contend with educational sites like wikipedia or universities. The basic SEO technique did not come to that. Increasing the visits coming from the keywords have given the right push to our position in Google.
Enrico Berselli

Direttore Marketing, ES Electronic Solution

For me as an expert SEO this service is crucial, i purchase it to each customer i get in my Seo services portfolio; sessions are immediately visible in Google Analytics and considers them as coming from theselected keywords. Usually a package from 30k means an increase of about 5 positions if in the first page, and if the site is in the second or more, the increase of at least 10 positions monthly.
Marco L.

SEO Expert, Red Icon

I am the CEO of a firm that provides catering for trade shows an expo in Milan and throughout Italy , thanks to this service this I have two sites in First Position with the most Difficult keywords and I finally increased real visits by 30% thanks to gain of that position. With the classic  SEO we were stuck at the sixth and seventh position for month, now we are First.
Stefano P.

Account manager,

Frequently Asked Questions

How can i see it in Google Analytics?

Go to your Analytics, select Acquisition/All traffic/Channels then change your primary dimension under “other” you have to select: Acquisition/keywords.

You can also select a secondary dimension to prove this session are organic, by selecting under secondary dimension Acquisition/Traffic Type

Which countries will my traffic come from?
The traffic will come from all over the world. But we are working to get them from the country you prefer. other services from our competitor give you stupid visits not from queries, that’s why they can provide them from specified country.
Will my traffic be spread trough out the month or equally per day?
The traffic timing is specially designed so that at the end of the month you will get the amount of visits bought, evidently with some minor deviations due to unpredictable failures of the whole internet as a system; but not more than 5%.
Am I able to track the stats?
Yes, you can track the stats, either by monitoring our visit counter, or by using any sort of analytic system such as google analytic: There you can see visit under acquisition/queries exactly where visit from search engine queries come from!
Can I buy 2 or more of the same packages for the same website?
Yes you can, from our point of view. the only problem is that your web server may not handle the amount of traffic bought. You can ask us if you need a special service with more than we offer in our plans.
Is this safe for brand new domain names?
Yes, it is safe.
In case needed, can I stop or pause the traffic?
In case of emergency, contact support for further assistance. If you need to stop or pasue the traffic, it can be done by contacting support and re-setting your accout. We are working to make you do it by yourself
How will this type of traffic help my site?
Our tests showed us that, if used in a certain manner, our software has a very beneficial impact on your website’s SERP. Depending on your keywords popularity and conversions, our technical team will do its best in order to help you rise your site. We saw concrete results after only 3 weeks of using this amazing tool. We think that visit-box can have a positive impact on almost every website.
Are these real visits or bots?
They are something in between, they are in fact real visits, countered by any visitor-statistics tool, like apache visitor logs or google analytic, but they are made up by specially designed bots.
Is this type of traffic illegal or spam?
No, it can not be considered by any standard`s illegal, and because you are aware of the fact that you ordered these visits, it can not be considered spam.
Can we target the traffic by country?
At the moment you can not target the traffic by geographical region. WE ARE WORKING FOR THAT.
Can this damage my site or be dangerous?
The traffic it`s self can not damage the website, nor the website`s page ranks; as a mater of fact it can improve page rank of the site. But, it may damage your web-server if not properly configured, or it`s resources are not adequate; slowing it down, due to the amount of traffic it has to handle; or even in extreme cases, even shutting it down for god.
Will my server handle the highest amount of traffic you are selling?
Depending on your configuration, it may or may not be able to handle the amount of traffic bought. As a general idea,if you haven’t any notions about the amount of traffic handled by your server you can start with the lowest package, and work your way up.
After the purchase, how soon will the visits be viewable in traffic stats like analytics?
After purchasing and completing the form in the control panel from the member area, in any tool, such as google analytics, in the real-time section the results can be viewed with a delay of at most 10 15 min. The overall results can be viewed only after about 48 hours, when the system will enter normal operational state.
After my purchase, can I change the domain name?
No, it can not be changed during the lifetime of the package bought. If you misspelled your domain, it will not even start the visit. In that case, please contact support for re-seting the Visit CPanel configuration.
Why do i have to put your html file in my website?
The html file has to be on the root of your website, for precaution reasons. Technically, nothing could stop a bad intended person from spamming any given website with spam-keywords; and the owner of that website has no way of knowing what is happening. This is the reason for which we consider that if you are able to put a predefined html file in the root of the targeted website, we could somehow rest assure that you really ordered those visits for the targeted website; either this, or that website is cracked wide-open and the owner has bigger problems than our visits.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Some images taken from Analytics that show what happens to the visits of your site, and it is not hits or whatever sessions, but visits from a specific searched keyword from Google: our system searches the keys you selected, for example ” kitchens components ” in Google and then the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) select your site and hits a session/visit.

INCREDIBLE? try it today, will give you great results, climbing positions really fast.

In this short video you can better understand where to check BOV working in your Google Analytics

Select in your left menu Acquisitions, then All traffic and select Channels.

Now go to Primary Division, just upon the data and select the last menu selector: Other, from this menu select Acquisition and then Keyword.

That’s it, here you can see the organic traffic coming from the keywords you selected!